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Price offered services directly depends on the amount and condition of the documentation to be stored in the Registry
The price is also affected by storage time, when the documentation is stored in our warehouse until the shredding
The cost is variable, so it offers guidance
  • Price sorting documents from 199 - to 299, - CZK / m
    - price depends on the state in which the documents were passed to the method of transmission and archiving..
  • The price of storage
    - from 0.80 to 1.99 CZK / m / day
  • (price depends on the storage period and the volume of documents)
    - over 501 meters determines the price of individual
  • Price list for the preparation and implementation expertise to address the issue of permits for shredding or extend the storage period:
    - Includes list of all documents created, arranged according to the department and assigning spisových shredding features and discussion and approval of the state archives retention schedule
  • Price shredding for 250 CZK / m
    - Includes appraisal process design, inventory and shredding documents past their retention period.
Shipping and Handling
Price per 1 km = 12 CZK
Price for 1 person / hour = 180 CZK
Search Price 250 CZK / hour + postage
Copying and scanning documents stored - 2.50 CZK / 1 -4 format
Copy sent electronically 10, - CZK / 1 -4 format
notarized copy of the 40, - CZK / 1 -4 format
* bm = A4 meter is one meter A4 documents about 10-12 folders