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All the document will be stored in a newly renovated building of the Registry, which is approved for operation of the regional state archives, accordingly complies all the requirements for safe storage and physical protection of stored documents.Our special computer program helps us to improve efficiency and accelerate the search and classification in the control of shredding time periods. For the transportation of the documents our company provides with our own means of transport networks..

Based on our experience, we offer the following steps for future cooperation::

  • Personal meetings::
    - evaluation of the quantity and phisical condition of the documents;;
    - preparation of the draft contract;;
    - all in accordance with your working hours and the possibility of meeting;;
  • Transportation of the documents to our Registry.:
  • Inclusing the documents to the Registry:;
    - drawing up the protocol for transfer of documentation which will indicate how the archival tag number and shredding documents are stored, what time and cost for shredding and storage of the documents;;
    - evaluation of thw documents, which are designed for shredding and by law must be stored for longer.;
  • Transmission protocol on shredding to the district state archives for review.